Backyard Expressions Water Barrel Fountain with Pump and Wood Planter

A backyard garden is not complete without a water barrel fountain. Fountains have been used since ancient times to bring life and expression to any place, especially gardens; it portrays like the real cascading waterfalls or a stream of water in the forest. The sound it creates as it splashes is part of nature’s music, which is soothing to every creature in the planet, especially us. Also, an outdoor fountain adds positive emotional vibrancy in the garden. If you are looking for a water barrel fountain with added features, then you are in luck; this wooden fountain will surely complement your outdoor landscapes. The fountain shown in the picture above is a vintage-inspired fountain and wood planter trio with a touch of simpler times. It has a built-in pump that takes-in water from the well, and cascades it into the wooden barrels. You can also place your favorite ornamental plants in the wooden planters. Also, the wooden fountain is reinforced with iron to make it more durable and long-lasting; its natural brown look will greatly enhance your garden’s natural design. If you have a traditional or modern home style, then this will improve the overall appearance. Indeed, there are other wooden fountains out there, but if you are looking for something more unique and functional, then this is what you are looking for. You will also find other fountains in the catalog, which might be suitable to your preferences; this product comes with free shipping and delivery to specific places in the country. Ordering online will also save you time and money. Apart from this outdoor fountain, you will also discover other outdoor decor that will complement this fountain and your area. Again, a fountain brings a relaxing aura around the place, which usually has positive effects on you and your guests. [magento name_like='fountain, 3']

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