About Us

About Imtinanz

Imtinanz, LLC is an online retail company. The company aims to provide its customers wide range of home products including complete bedroom, dining room, kitchen, patio and lawn, electronics and occasional products, plus home decor items, accessories, entertainment centers, wall units and office selections…all this and much more… anything you imagine for the decoration of your home and office. We provide:

  • *Styling that endures but remains fresh
  • *Pricing that puts high-quality products within reach
  • *Features that fit our home products to the way our customers live today


What is the most important at Imtinanz is variety…it really doesn't matter if something is old or new… we sell things that are simple, useful and well made. Our online store gives you the chance to get a glimpse of some of our fantastic things where you can choose according to your taste and pocket.


Our vision is to provide our customers all the home accessories at their doorstep.


Here at imtinanz, we aim to give you the feelings of convenience whether you are at home or office.

Business Philosophy

Apart from offering quality products and affordable prices, our principles and ideals are: to work hard , to do things right and to serve our customers to the best of our ability.  The company firmly believes that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results, given the opportunity to overcome challenges in the right atmosphere – one that fosters teamwork and compassion.

At Imtinanz.com, it is our passion to help you create environment, perfect living environment, that reflects your individual lifestyle – both indoors and out by offering the most unique and comprehensive scope of indoor and outdoor living furnishings.  We continually push forward by seeking out and presenting the latest trends, newest ideas and freshest perspectives.