Double Hammocks with Spreader Bar & Metal Loops

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="1000"]double hammocks with spreader bar DOUBLE HAMMOCK[/caption] Double hammocks with spreader bar makes it more comfortable compared to an ordinary hammock. The spreader bar, which is usually a wooden frame, supports the cotton rope from getting entangled. Metal loops also give an easy way to attach it to any sturdy poles or tree trunks. Double hammocks are also large enough to comfortably hold two people such as the one in the image, which has a 440 pounds capacity; it’s a 100% white cotton rope on a wooden spreader bar. Also, if you are looking for other hammock designs, then browse through the catalog. There you will see the best hammocks great for camping and outdoors. [magento name_like='hammock, 3']

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