Upholstered Headboards Protects Sleepers from Drafts & Colds

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]UPHOLSTERED HEADBOARDS BAXTON STUDIO SHEILA TAN LINEN MODERN BED WITH UPHOLSTERED HEADBOARD - QUEEN SIZE[/caption] Any upholstered headboards are usually attached at the head of a bed; it’s a piece of bed furniture that is used to protect the sleeper from cold and drafts, especially in a less insulated room or building. Headboards are usually made of wood and oftentimes upholstered in order to decrease its thermal conductivity compared to a brick or stone; it is built to create a gap from the wall, which allows air to fall to the floor and not directly towards the bed and the sleeper. Nowadays, most residences have better heating systems, and headboards are there for the purpose of protecting pillows from falling off the bed. Some headboards are used as storage space for books and other personal things, as well as to hold lights and communication gadgets. But, then again, not all homes are fully equipped with the best heating systems, so headboards still plays a vital role in protecting the sleeper from drafts and colds. Some hospitals still uses headboards to protect their patients. Apart from headboards, foot boards are also used to protect the foot from drafts and cold. The image shown with this article is a Baxton Studio Sheila Tan Linen Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard – Queen Size; it’s great for settling in for the night. The ample style and the Sheila designer bed were truly made for each other. The bed is outfitted with a solid rubberwood frame, irresistible linen and foam padding. It also has a rich elegant wingback upholstered headboard and wood legs having a dark brown stain, which completes the modern-day bedroom furniture. Also, browsing through the catalogs you will find tons of different upholstered headboard designs. If you are looking for the best and durable bed with upholstered headboards, then you came to the right place. All headboards and bed have free delivery and shipping. [magento name_like='Headboard, 3']

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