Hanging light for Gazebo

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Hanging light JETLINER HANGING LIGHT WITH ANTIQUED PEWTER FINISH[/caption] A gazebo is a great structure, and it looks great at night, especially if it’s adorned with a practical and beautiful hanging light. If you are looking for the best light fixture that goes together perfectly with your gazebo, then you will love this light decor. Above is an image of a Jetliner Hanging Light with Antiqued Pewter Finish. It is made of wood with nickel overlay and has 3 sockets for every 40 watts bulb. The Jetliner Hanging Light can be hanged solo and will be able to offer luminescence for the gazebo; it has a classic vintage feel with a hint of modernity. Also, there are other hanging lights in the catalog, which you might find interesting. [magento name_like='hanging light, 3']

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