Black Wrought Iron Lantern with Antiqued Iron Finish

Lanterns have been with us since ancient times to help light paths and areas like the wrought iron lantern. It provides practical lighting even without the use of batteries and electricity. If you are looking for a durable indoor or outdoor lantern, then this is for you. Wrought iron lanterns are usually hand crafted and hammered to create the design you see. That’s why it has a unique touch and design, which helps in enhancing the overall decor of your room or veranda. One best example of these lanterns is the Lafayette Lantern, as you can see in the image above, the lantern looks awesome and great for lighting and decoration. The Lafayette Lantern is big enough to be placed on any side table or in verandas, especially during summer evenings; it has a fantastic look and will surely awe your guest when they get to see it radiates its lantern flames to illuminate the place during the night. Indeed, there are similar wrought iron lanterns out there, but if you want something that has more class and antique look, then the Lafayette Lantern is for you. Also, the glass around the lantern protects the flames from easily put out, as well as protects the user from accidentally touching the flame. Great for both indoors and outdoors, or anywhere you want added illumination. You can buy the lantern through this site online. Shipping and delivery is free to selected states in the country, and it will be delivered within the next one to seven business days depending on the place. There are other lanterns in the catalog, which you might want to check out. Some of these lanterns might be suitable for your area, or will most likely complement the place and other existing decor. So see the product details to learn more about the Lafayette Lantern. [magento name_like='lantern, 3']

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