Modern Contemporary Desk Lamps with Antique Nickel Finish

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Desk Lamps BRASS DUAL EXTENDER DESK LAMP[/caption] A lot of beautifully designed modern contemporary desk lamps are available either locally or on the Internet. If you are searching for something that has a modern touch with an antique nickel finish, then you will love this one. The desk lamp above is a Brass Dual Extender Desk Lamp, which has unparalleled functions; its radiant antique nickel finish will surely improve any interior decor quite easily. Also, it is durable, made of brass and coated with a silver look. There are other desk lamps that you will find in the catalog below, which could enhance and complete the overall decor of your room. [magento name_like='lamp, 3']

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